Zero To Three Series

Workshops in this series are designed specifically for the infant, toddler, and two’s learning environment. We will explore some of the topics from our curriculum and social emotional learning tailored to our youngest students.

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When a Child Bites: Prevention and Intervention

Biting is a developmentally appropriate behavior often seen in toddlers and two year olds. As a child matures, gains self-control, develops problem-solving skills, and is able to verbalize their needs, they typically outgrow this behavior. Participants will discuss the reasons why a child bites and learn strategies to help them move through this stage of development. Limited Time Special $20


Making Our Mark!

From birth to two years early mark making is not the same as writing. Before young children can control their fine motor skills, they need to first develop the larger muscles in their body and teachers should focus on the process and experience. Participants will explore early mark making and learn how to support their youngest children’s physical development. $20


Big Feelings Little Bodies

We are not born knowing how to manage our emotions. Young children need our guidance when learning to navigate this often-wild ride. Learn the techniques and strategies needed to help infants, toddlers and two's move towards regulating their emotions. $20


The Proactive Teacher: Beyond Managing Behaviors

Educators of our youngest learners can feel like they spend their days reacting to behavior. Explore ways to create a positive learning environment that allows the children to be themselves, take risks, and accept responsibility for their actions.$20