Transforming the Image of the Child

Call For Proposals

Transforming the Image of the Child: We believe children are competent, capable, agents in their own learning. The mission of this conference is to encourage early childhood educators to reflect upon their own image of the child and learn how others are transforming their classroom practices to promote exploration, connection, and growth. 

At Transforming Early Childhood Education we are dedicated to facilitating opportunities for professionals to collaborate and inspire each other through their experiences and practice. Our inaugural conference event will take place October 5th, 2019 from 8am-4pm and will consist of one keynote speaker along with several breakout sessions.

As life long learners we are constantly transforming our classrooms, our approaches, and our general practice working with children. The overall goal of this conference is to present participants with stories and images of the children that demonstrate children as capable and competent agents in their own learning. We invite you to share with the TECE team your perspective on the image of the child.

Proposals are due January 31st, 2019 and should be submitted here and should include a plan for a 1.5 or 1.75 hour workshop.  Each presenter may submit up to two proposals for consideration. A $75 stipend is offered to the presenter along with complementary admission to the conference as well as lunch and breakfast. Presenters will also have their name, bio, and business information included in the TECE website and FB page.

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All presenters will be responsible for bringing any equipment needed for their presentation including projectors, drop cords, and handouts. TECE will provide handouts from the presenters to the participants digitally if received from the presenters at least one week ahead of the conference. If you require any special accommodations or something specific space wise for your presentation please note that here so that we can best plan for your presentation. If you have any questions for TECE you may also note those here.