Social Emotional Learning Series

Social Emotional Learning (SEL) is an integral part of early childhood development. Young children use SEL strategies to help manage and understand their emotions, to establish relationships with their peers and adults, for feeling and showing empathy/compassion for others, to set positive goals, and for making responsible decisions. Workshops are two hours unless otherwise noted.


Respect the Bubble: Learning About Personal Space

Understanding that each person needs a certain amount of space to feel comfortable can often be tough for young children. Workshop participants will learn techniques and strategies they can use to support children as they learn to “Respect the Bubble”. NC DCDEE Approved

Beyond All About Me: Creating a Sense of Self

Who are we within our families, our classroom-learning environment, and our community? Workshop participants will discover new ways to help students develop their sense of self: who the child is within their family, their classroom and their community.

From Excitement to Anger: Learning to Manage BIG Feelings

Young children need our guidance when learning to navigate this wild ride of big feelings. Learn the techniques and strategies needed to help children regulate their own emotions and actions. NC DCDEE Approved

Sensory Processing: Understanding Sensory Needs

This workshop discusses the eight sensory systems and how to integrate sensory experiences into daily classroom life. Participants will learn to meet the sensory needs of their children and create sensory tools for their classroom. NC DCDEE Approved

A Safe Space: Creating a Classroom Community

Our classrooms should be a safe space for all students to develop and grow. Learn how to use morning meetings, circle time, and collaborative opportunities to create a secure classroom community. NC DCDEE Approved

You Can’t Come to my Birthday Party: Navigating Friendship

Early childhood friendship is frequently overlooked as a positive developmental influence. Workshop participants learn about the complexities of developing friendships and explore ways to encourage positive relationships in their classroom setting. NC DCDEE Approved

Encouraging Growth Mindset in the Early Years

Do you have children easily frustrated when confronted with a challenge? Today’s scientific brain research shows that by teaching kids about “Growth Mindset” you can help them become more persistent and resilient learners. Participants learn to guide children through fixed-mindset obstacles and apply growth mindset strategies to their community. NC DCDEE Approved

The Peace Table: Conflict Resolution in the Preschool Classroom

Peaceful conflict resolution means working through a problem in a way that does not physically, emotionally, or socially harm anyone. Using these strategies allows children to feel competent in handling situations and relationships while fostering feelings of respect for the self and other people. Workshop participants will learn strategies to facilitate conflict resolution in their own classroom setting. NC DCDEE Approved