Linking Home and School

A child’s first teacher is their parent and that role should be honored and valued. At Transforming ECE we believe in creating a strong connection between home and school. Research shows offering opportunities for parents to be active in a school community directly relates to a program's success.


Parent Education Workshops

Whether you are a school looking to support your parent population or a community organization we offer workshops to support your needs. We all take classes and trainings to strengthen our skills in the workplace. It is just as important to find ways to grow as a parent. Transforming ECE offers a variety of parent education workshops that support this growth and development. 

Parent Resource Center


Choosing a Preschool

Preschool Philosophies


Parent Coaching

Being a parent is hard work. No one hands you a manual that gives you directions on raising a child from birth to eighteen. It is ok to ask for help in order to bring the joy back to parenting. We can work with you on a variety of topics including behavior management, meeting your child’s sensory needs, advocating for your child’s needs in their school, and navigating parental separation and divorce with your child. Through our parent coaching sessions we offer personalized strategies to help meet your needs. 

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Parenting Pop-ups

Do you find yourself sharing your parenting struggles with friends?  Do you wish you had an opportunity to share without judgement? Our Parenting Pop-ups give you the opportunity to share your struggles in a safe environment while gaining parenting strategies. You can choose from our parent education workshop listings or customize your own topics to discuss. Hosting a Parenting Pop-up allows parenting to feel like a party!