Curriculum Series

Planning curriculum should focus on being responsive to each individual students interests and needs. Workshops in this curriculum series are designed to facilitate learning using hands-on and emergent practices.

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Emergent Learning in the Early Childhood Classroom

Workshop participants will learn about a philosophy of teaching and way of planning curriculum that focuses on being responsive to children's interests to create meaningful learning experiences in any classroom setting. $20


More than Maps: Exploring Geography

Young children LOVE maps! How can this love encourage knowledge about the world around them? Participants will explore the connections that children make to the world through human geography and investigate how to make those connections around the globe. $20


Developing Language, Creativity & Thinking: Beyond Open and Closed Questions

How do teaching practices support language development and creative thinking? During this workshop learn the art of asking questions that support creativity and higher level thinking. $20


The Power of Scribbling: Supporting Emergent Writing

Learning to write starts long before a child puts a pencil to paper. Participants will embrace the power of mark making and learn to support children in the early stages of writing development in children from infancy through kindergarten. $20


In Dialogue with Reggio: An Introduction to the Reggio Approach

The Reggio Emilia approach focuses on fostering relationships. Children are strong, capable, and active agents in their own learning. Participants will learn about the foundations of the Reggio philosophy of education and will explore ways to use this philosophy in their own classroom-learning environment. $20


Around the World with Storytelling

Young children live through their imaginations, which makes storytelling so deeply nourishing for their hearts and souls. Fairy tales and stories captivate young children because these stories mirror the developmental struggles of children transitioning through the stages of early childhood. Participants will travel around the world exploring the magic of storytelling. $20