Creating Connections Series

It is important to foster relationships between the teachers and families in your program. It is also important to foster relationships with your fellow teachers and school administrators. The Creating Connections Series offers participants ideas and strategies for creating these connections.Workshops are two hours unless otherwise noted.


Strengthening Family and School Relationships

How do you create connections with families in your program?  Do all your families feel welcome and valued? This workshop will allow participants to reflect upon their connections with families and learn strategies to create a more welcoming school environment. NC DCDEE Approved

Many Hands Make Light Work: Teamwork for Teachers

A professional culture requires teachers who are willing to share, support, and explore together. This is only possible when teachers are working as part of a team. This active workshop will offer teachers the opportunity to work together and connect on personal and professional levels. NC DCDEE Approved

Teacher Self-Care

Happy teachers have happy students and happy families. We can not be fully immersed in the classroom and care for our children if we are not taking care of ourselves. Workshop participants will explore ways to reduce/manage classroom stress, build a healthy school climate, and engage in mindfulness techniques. NC DCDEE Approved

Growth Mindset for Teachers

Our mindset is what guides our actions, reactions and behaviors and impacts our ability to gain knowledge and learn new skills. People with a fixed mindset think they have no way to improve themselves and get stuck. People with a growth mindset work harder because they know they can improve. Teachers will learn strategies to move past their fixed mindset to grow personally and professionally.  

Beyond Tolerance: Embracing Diversity  (2.5 hours)

Everyone should feel included as an equal member of the community in our schools. We need to look beyond tolerance to embrace the diverse gifts that each student and family offers. In this workshop you will learn ways to provide ‘mirrors and windows’ for the children in your classroom-learning environment to embrace their diversity. NC DCDEE Approved

Transforming Teaching Practices: From Sage on the Stage to Guide on the Side

As early childhood educators, we strive to create stimulating experiences that evoke thought, inquiry, and exploration. Teachers taking the role as a co-learner creates a classroom community where our students share their thoughts and ideas freely. Workshop participants will explore how embracing the role of guide in the learning process can evoke powerful learning and exploration as a community.

Supporting Parents

Being a parent is a tough and sometimes lonely job. As early childhood educators we can be one of the best resources for new parents to help with the bumps and celebrate the milestones of their child’s development. In this workshop teachers will learn many ways to support families through the exciting parenthood journey.