Spotlight on Presenter Amy Magrinat

Transforming the Image of the Child Conference October 5th, 2019

Spotlight on Presenter Amy Magrinat

Amy Magrinat holds a Masters Degree from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill in early childhood education, early intervention, and family support. She has a BA in Psychology from North Carolina State University and has spent several years teaching children from ages three through Kindergarten. Amy also spent time working in the music industry and in holistic health prior to entering the field of education. 

Amy enjoys spending time with children and seeing the excitement on their faces when they discover something new or exciting! She loves creating a magical experience for children on the lovely grounds of 1870 Farm in Chapel Hill, NC!

When she’s not teaching or furthering her education, Amy loves to garden, watching live music, going hiking, traveling, and spending quality time with her husband, Tommy, two children, Walker Blue and Aubrey, and my dogs, cat, bearded dragon, and backyard chickens.  

Child-Led Learning: A Program Perspective

This workshop will take a look at our program's journey of evaluating our child-led focus within the classroom. Learn about what our community decided makes The Lupine School special, and how we make sure that the various components allow the children to take the lead supported by current research. This workshop will give participants an opportunity to evaluate their own programs for new opportunities to implement child-led learning, include families in the process, and make a plan to take action!   

Check out Amy’s guest blog post next week discussing outdoor play!

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