Spotlight on Presenter Michelle Tuttle

Transforming the Image of the Child Conference October 5th

Spotlight on Presenter Michelle Tuttle 

Michelle Tuttle holds a Masters of Education for Experienced Teachers in Early Childhood Intervention and Family Support from the University of North Carolina. She initially obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Child Development with a Birth through Kindergarten teaching license from Appalachian State University. Michelle has worked with children in a variety of settings for twenty years. Her main interest has always been working with young children and she had the dream of opening her own child care center by the time she was eight-years-old. Michelle’s dream became reality when she and her mother, Cathy Tuttle, opened Estes Children’s Cottage in 2005. Estes Children’s Cottage is a small, Reggio-Emilia inspired, nature-based program in Chapel Hill serving toddlers and young preschoolers. Michelle has attended the annual NAEYC conference since she was twelve-years-old and started studying the programs of Reggio Emilia in high school. She and Cathy participated in a study tour to Reggio Emilia, Italy before opening their program.

Conference Workshop: Embracing Adventure and Risk in the Toddler’s Day

Holding a strong image of the child, we choose to embrace the toddler’s natural inclination for adventure and risk. We challenge the assumptions of what experiences we can offer to toddlers, how we can allow them to fully explore their environment and the ways in which we can introduce a variety of materials. Learn how we have designed both the indoor and outdoor classroom to nurture these experiences. Explore what this looks like in our group setting of toddlers and young preschoolers and share how you too can embrace these experiences in your program.

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