Spotlight on Lunch Facilitator Lissanna Follari

Transforming the Image of the Child Conference October 5th

Spotlight on Lunch Facilitator Lissanna Follari

Lissanna Follari has been working with young children and families for 23 years. She began her teaching career with infants and toddlers and has taught throughout the elementary grades. For the past 16 years, she has been an Early Childhood Development and Education university faculty. Her work focuses on diversity studies, innovative approaches to inclusive early care and education, and intentionally designed social emotional learning. She joined the University of Colorado in January 2014. Lissanna has authored two books on diversity and foundations of early childhood education and several articles on diversity and best practices.

Conference Lunch and Learn Session

In this lunch and learn session, participants will share and explore ways that early childhood educators design intentional instruction and deliberate opportunities for children to learn and practice empathy, gratitude, and kindness. Beyond ‘random acts’, the goals of this dialogue are to deepen our awareness of children’s capacities for engaged social emotional learning and actions, and for participants to develop specific strategies for designing and implementing intentional curriculum around kindness and inclusive community membership.

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