Peace in the Sandbox?

Have you ever heard something and thought is was funny or cute and then had an immediate pang of uncertainty? I recently posted this quote on our Inspired Leaders page that seemed like a good message. 

“Peace is not when everyone agrees. It is when we can respect our disagreements and still play in the sandbox together.” -unknown

The first FB reaction was a laughing emoji and I froze. I didn’t really see the quote as funny so I looked back to see how it could be construed as humorous. I read it again and immediately deleted the post. 

When I read the quote I was deep into planning for our Transforming the Image of the Child conference that happened last weekend. I was thinking about the wonders of early childhood and teachers collaborating. I was reflecting on how we set our differences aside each day to do what's best for the children in our care. I was viewing the quote through a very specific lens. It is true, we need to respect each other as educators and individuals and find peace in a world where we are not going to agree with everyone. 

That being said, there are things happening in our world to humans and more specifically children that are atrocities. From poverty, to abuse, to family separation, where children will never fully recover physically or psychologically. While this quote is accurate with the everyday differences like how people choose to spend their money or which sports team is the most talented it simply can’t be used as a way to ignore what is happening in the world around us.

Is this quote giving the unconscious message for people to sit back? To be quiet? To value peace above all else? Maybe. What I know is that we are living in a time of passionate outspoken advocates for children, women, immigrants, and the LGBQT community just to name a few. I am thankful to everyone who stands up and speaks out for others safety and rights. Those are the folks that I want to play in the sandbox with!