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We believe that as educators and parents, we are life-long learners. To that end, Carrie and Danielle work to provide interesting, engaging, and enriching topics where you can expand your understanding of early childhood development as well as apply your knowledge directly to the children you work (or live!) with. Educators can choose from our current catalog of workshops covering a range of early childhood topics from curriculum development to social-emotional learning. Upon completion of a two hour course you will receive a completion certificate.

Along with our certificate courses we offer mini-courses for parents and early childhood educators. Transforming Early Childhood Education offers mini-courses that allow adults to learn and grow by developing knowledge on a specific topic of interest. From how to choose a preschool and different styles of parenting to loose parts and creating your own sensory materials for the classroom, we know you will find something that interests you!

*Please note that you do not need a PayPal account to pay for a course. PayPal will allow you purchase a course with a credit card without signing up for an account.


Where in the world…

Transforming Early Childhood Education is based out of the Raleigh-Durham area of North Carolina but reach educators all over the world through our monthly emails and FaceBook engagement. We are frequently traveling the east coast to speak at conferences and to facilitate workshops for schools and community organizations.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Frequently Asked Questions For Online Courses

Courses and Course Content

Q: Who should take an online course?

A: Courses are designed and taught with teachers, administrators, and parents in mind. People choose our courses for a variety of reasons and come from diverse settings, teaching philosophies, and different levels of experience. By taking Transforming Early Childhood Education courses, you can

  • Advance your current skills or develop a new area of knowledge.

  • Feel more prepared to teach a new age group, in a new school with a different teaching philosophy, or take on a new school role.

  • Become inspired to elevate your teaching practices.

  • Combine current research and best practices to expand your understanding of curriculum and social emotional development in early childhood.

Q: Why are all the courses listed on the live page not available in the online format?

A: We put up 1-2 new courses a month. Courses are first taught in person to allow us to adapt the online course to meet the needs of our learners. Feedback from the in-person courses help us fine tune our online offerings.

Q: Can you explain the format of the online courses?

A: Paid two hour courses are a mix of video, audio paired with slides, and articles. Participants engage with the content through reflection and responding to survey questions, engaging in a closed FB group with the instructor and other participants (not required), and by completing a short assessment at the end to check for understanding of the material. Each course has a final project that encourages participants to reflect on what they have learned and make a plan or design curriculum around the topic.

Q: What other resources do you provide with the course?

A: After you complete one of the two hours courses you will receive a follow up email with a link that takes you to a google form. The information from that form is used to generate the course certificate once a week. The email also contains a list of resources including videos, articles, and websites to continue your professional development journey in this topic area.

Q: Are your courses approved as CEU’s?

A: We are working on it. We are reaching out to organizations to find the best path towards CEU’s. It is our desire to keep our prices low and working with a college or accrediting organization may require that we raise our course fees.

Q: Are you approved in my state for contact credit hours?

A: Our paid online courses are currently approved for licensed child care providers in AZ, DE, HI, NC, OH, OR, SC, TN, and UT for 2 hours of credit with more states coming soon. In SD, NH, and VA participants must submit the title and description to their licensing professional for prior approval.

Q: Do I have to complete the course in a specific period of time?

A: No, you can take as long as you need to complete the course.

Q: I teach infants, toddlers, or two-year olds but I am interested in a courses in another series. What ages do courses in the curriculum, social emotional, and creating connection series cover?

A: All courses discuss infancy through the age of six except courses listed in the Zero to Three series. In our experience, professional development geared towards educators working with children under three is hard to find so we decided to rectify that by offering a series of courses that are specifically designed with the zero-three child in mind.

Q: How are your mini courses different from the regular courses?

A: Mini courses are free, typically under 30 minutes, participants explore a topic through video content, Certificates of completion are not provided and the courses are not approved by licencing agencies.

Q: What teaching philosophy inspires the online courses?

A: Carrie and Danielle are grounded in play-based, emergent practices and are strongly inspired by the Reggio Emilia teaching philosophy. We have worked with children from infancy to elementary school and we have backgrounds working with children with special needs (or special rights, a term we prefer) as well as administrative experience. We take every opportunity to engage in professional development offered by local and national organizations such as NAEYC and NAREA while keeping up to date on research and best practices in the early childhood field.

Q: Do I need to have FaceBook to engage in this course?

A: No, a closed FaceBook group is offered as a bonus but is not required to complete the course.

Q: Do I need an internet connection to take the course?

A: Yes

Pricing and Payment Questions

Q: What is the price of your courses?

A: All paid courses are currently 2 hours and $20.

Q: I do not have a PayPal account. Can I pay with a purchase order, check, or credit card?

A: If you click the PayPal button on the checkout page you can check out as a guest and pay by credit card. We do not accept a purchase order or checks at this time.

Q: Can I get a refund if I do not complete the course?

A: TECE does not refund course registration. The course is available to you whenever you decide to complete the course.

Q: If I decide I no longer want to take the course can I transfer it to someone else to complete?

A: Our courses are non transferable. The participant registering for the course is the person who needs to complete the course.

Online Content Terms of Use

You may not sell, distribute, or record TECE online or in person content or resources. Please direct interested people to enroll in the course of their choice.